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Asphalt Driveway Sealing and Brick Paver Sealing in Central NJ

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fords, nj driveway services

Asphalt Driveway Sealing Services

residential driveway sealcoating in Fords NJ

Not only will our driveway sealing services help keep your driveway looking great, but they’ll also help protect it from wear and tear. So not only will you be getting a beautiful, new-looking driveway – you’ll also be protecting your investment

Brick Paver Sealing SERVICES

expert pavers sealing in Ford NJ

Pavers are important to seal in order to protect them from the elements and prevent staining. Kleen Seal offers a wide range of sealing services. From our high-quality sealers to our color enhancers, we have everything you need to keep your pavers looking their best. 

Concrete Staining & Sealing SERVICES

concrete staining and sealing company in New Jersey

Staining and sealing concrete is crucial to protect it from the elements and prevent staining. Kleen Seal offers a wide range of sealing services. From our high-quality sealers to our color enhancers, we have everything you need to keep your concrete looking its best.

Christmas Light SERVICES

Christmas Lights Installation in New Jersey

At Kleen Seal Christmas Lights, we’re passionate about decorating homes for the holidays. With our service customers won’t have to worry about putting up or taking down Christmas lights ever again. No stress, no hassle, just holiday spirit. 

Residential Snow Removal SERVICES

expert residential snow removal in Ford NJ

Do you hate shoveling snow? Anyone can literally dislike to shovel their walkways and driveways. You don’t have to break your back any longer because Kleen Seal Residential Snow Removal will help you get the job done! 

Commercial Snow Removal SERVICES

commercial snow removal in New Jersey

At Kleen Seal Snow Removal, we offer a wide variety of different snow removal services. Our services ensure that customer’s commercial properties are safe and cleared for their day to day business operations. 


Welcome to Kleen Seal® driveway sealing specialists, serving homeowners and small businesses alike. We pride ourselves on producing superior results with long lasting, resilient driveway sealing that delivers years of enjoyment.  

Driveway Sealing is Kleen Seal’s main business, and we have the know-how, skills and experience to do the job properly. We want you to be pleased with our workmanship and service – satisfaction is guaranteed on every driveway sealing job we do!

Proper driveway maintenance is an important part of your landscaping. Together with the lawn, shrubbery and plants, your driveway contributes to the overall curb appeal and value of your property.

Tired of fly-by-night driveway sealing companies and shoddy workmanship? Take a look at our before and after pictures, find out about our process, and read some testimonials.

For asphalt seal coating that is done right the first time, contact Kleen Seal®!

Experience the Kleen Seal® difference! 

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Asphalt Driveway or Brick Pavers Sealed?

Satisfaction begins with your first contact. When you call Kleen Seal® a friendly, courteous operator answers the phone.

Driveway Sealing in Fords, NJ and All Surrounding Areas

We deliver superior results

When it comes to driveway sealing in Fords, NJ, no one is as dedicated to excellence as Kleen Seal®. We have built an outstanding reputation, job by job, with superior driveway sealing workmanship, a durable finished product, and extraordinary customer service.

Fords, NJ Pavers Sealing Services

If you’re in search of a paver sealing company in the Fords, NJ area, our team at Kleen Seal® has got you covered. We’ve been sealing paver driveways, asphalt driveways, and concrete driveways in Fords and surrounding areas for years, so you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Plus, our convenient location allows us to service our clients in the best way possible.

We offer seal coating, asphalt sealing, blacktop sealing, brick paver cleaning, restoration, and more. So, no matter what your bricks needs may be, we’re here to help in really taking your home’s curb appeal to the next level. We’re always happy to work with discerning homeowners who are looking for the best possible driveway protection solution for their homes.

We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation so that we can discuss your sealing needs and find the perfect solution for your home. Contact us today!  

Asphalt Pavement Repair in Fords, NJ

New Jersey weather is well known for having a lot of moisture.  We have cold winters with temperatures below freezing at times.  The spring season brings rain and a lot of dampness.  Summers are humid and the fall can be wet as well.  Moisture is the number one enemy of asphalt pavement and your driveway’s integrity.  Asphalt repair and maintenance can prevent damage to your driveway and protect it from the effects of our harsh New Jersey weather. 

Kleen Seal is  a local New Jersey asphalt repair expert in your area. 

Asphalt repair is the process of filling, sealing, and repairing any cracks or potholes that have formed on your driveway or other pavement.  These holes and cracks can not only be unsafe, but they lower the value of your property and just look unattractive.  If you let these potholes and cracks go without repairing them, eventually the damage will be too severe to the underlying base structure, and you will need an enormously costly total replacement.  A regular schedule of inspection and recommended asphalt repair can extend the life of the asphalt and protect it from further damage.  This will lower your overall costs and keep the surface of your asphalt smooth and safe for others. 

Seal Coating is your best line of defense

The asphalt pavement is sealed by sealcoating, preventing oxidation and top layer erosion. Older asphalt driveways’ lost fine particles are replaced by driveway sealers. The procedure also stops water from leaking into the base material and plugs minor fractures before they grow into significant driveway cracks.

Driveway sealers also shield asphalt from the sun’s damaging rays and chemical spills like oil and gasoline. The driveway sealcoating creates a beautiful black surface that is easy to clean and perfect for painting parking lot lines and other markers. Finally, sealcoating is a fraction of the price per square foot of repairing or replacing a damaged asphalt driveway.

christmas light Installation around Fords, NJ

Tired of dealing with putting up Christmas lights only having to take them down later and stuffing them in cardboard boxes that eat up a corner of the attic? With a a variety of Christmas lights to choose from, we provide a great hassle-free way to get your lights up this year! 

Speak with an expert to find the lighting package that best suits your home!

We help countless homes in New Jersey get in the holiday spirit every year and we’d love to help you too! 

Our team of professionals will come to your home and install your lights for you so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays. Every light rental includes a free consultation to help you choose the right lights for your home. When  you work with Kleen Seal, you’re guaranteed to have a hassle-free experience! Instead of  struggling with ladders and tangled lights, let us do the work for you. 

Don’t celebrate Christmas? Not a problem! We have a whole host of lights for all sorts of festive occasions! We have you covered!

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help make your holiday season hassle-free!

What Our Clients Say


Kleen Seal® prepares surfaces, fills cracks and hand applies our resilient coating to asphalt driveways for tough durable protection to water and the elements. Look at what our satisfied customers are saying. 

Kleen Seal expert pavement contractors in Ford NJ

Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiries about our services

How often should you seal your asphalt?

Asphalt sealcoating is every two to three years depending on how much traffic your driveway gets or how constantly it is being exposed to the elements such as UV rays, snow and other chemicals.

Is sealing a driveway worth it?

A seal coating will prevent damage to your driveway from UV rays, vehicle fluids, water, and more, which means it will last longer. Replacing a driveway can be expensive, so the longer you can keep your driveway looking great, the better. Contact us now at Kleen Seal® today for a free estimate!

What is the purpose of seal coat?

Sealcoating will provide a layer of protection blocking out the elements: water, oils, and U.V. damage. In addition, when applied to manufacturers’ specifications, sealcoating provides a slip resistant surface with a deep black finish that beautifies the parking lot or driveway.

How long does seal coat last?

Overusing sealer can cause peeling, flaking or cracking if it builds up. The industry standard is for sealcoating to be replaced every two years, which allows the sealer on your driveway or parking lot to wear away prior to resealing.

What is the difference between seal coat and asphalt?

While the terms asphalt paving and sealcoating are often confused, each service has a different purpose. Asphalt paving helps repair or replace damaged or aging asphalt driveways. Sealcoating can repair minor cracks or defects, though contractors typically use it to maintain and protect asphalt surfaces.

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