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There is a Difference in Driveway Protection… Look for the Seal


Driveway Sealing and our April 15th Rule for Central New Jersey

Driveway Sealing

As spring breathes new life into Central New Jersey, thoughts naturally turn to outdoor projects, including the maintenance of your driveway. However, before you jump into scheduling, let’s delve into the rationale behind Kleen Seal’s practice of commencing driveway sealing operations exclusively on or after April 15th, this is tailored specifically to our climate of Central New Jersey.

Here’s the essence of the matter: the efficacy of driveway sealing is intricately linked to weather conditions. Throughout the winter months, Central New Jersey experiences subdued sunlight, lacking the intensity required for optimal curing of sealants. In essence, attempting to seal a driveway prematurely in this region could lead to subpar results, akin to expecting a sunburn in the midst of winter’s weak rays.

Sealed Driveway Bridgewater
Sealcoating Driveway Kleen Seal

While the thermometer might register temperatures above the recommended 50°F threshold, it’s the strength of the sun that truly dictates the success of the sealing process. Kleen Seal’s steadfast adherence to the April 15th start date is informed by decades of experience navigating Central New Jersey’s climate intricacies, ensuring our clients receive nothing short of impeccable results.

It’s imperative to note that while some contractors may be tempted to kickstart operations earlier, driven by seasonal and financial pressures, Kleen Seal remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering quality craftsmanship, even if it means biding our time for ideal conditions.

Moreover, Kleen Seal takes pride in being at the forefront of the residential driveway sealing business in Central New Jersey, with a legacy spanning longer than any other company in the area. With 30 years of specialized experience in navigating the nuances of Central Jersey’s climate, we stand ready to deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific requirements.

Eager to discuss your driveway sealing project further? Contact Kleen Seal at 732-321-3699 or Request an estimate here, and let’s embark on the journey to transform your driveway into a pristine showcase of Central New Jersey’s beauty.

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