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Here Are The 3 Top-Rated Schools in Fords, NJ to Further Your Children’s Education

Fords, NJ Library and Children

If you’re a parent, it’s important to make sure your child gets the best education possible. There are many ways to determine which school is right for your child, but choosing the top-rated schools might be the way to go. There is considerable demand for a great education, and in Fords, NJ there are many options to choose from. So if you’re looking for the best public schools in Fords, NJ, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated schools in the area, so you can rest assured your child will get a great education. Whether you’re new to the area or just looking for a change, these schools are worth checking out!


Ford Avenue Elementary School

Ford Avenue Elementary School is a great school for students who live in Fords, NJ. The school is located on Ford Avenue, near the Main St. The school is pretty good for students who are coming from Woodland Ave, Linden St, Hollister PI, Evergreen Ave, Wildwood Ave, Dunbar Ave, and Cutter Ave. They offer a lot of AP classes that your children can take if they live on one of those streets. They also encourage diversity amongst their students and make sure that every student receives an education that is tailored to them and their educational needs. 

Ford Avenue Elementary School Rankings

There are plenty of ways to measure a school’s ranking: in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, age, and socioeconomic status. The Ford Avenue Elementary School has a little bit of everything; it has the highest percentage of non-white students in the area and is considered one of the most diverse schools in the state. 

  • The Woodbridge Township School District ranks Ford Avenue Elementary School #12-16.
  • 112th among New Jersey’s 1,574 Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools.
  • This school ranks 186th out of 2,786 Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools in NYC.
  • Fords Avenue Elementary School ranks 27th among Middlesex County’s 126 Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools.

Demographic and Diversity

Diversity and demographic are important factors to consider when deciding where to send your child to school. Not only does it impact their future, but also the education that they will receive. At Ford Avenue Elementary School, 35% of the school is White, 36% is Hispanic/Latino, 14% is Asian, 11% is African American, and 3% is two or more races. The student-teacher ratio is 13:1. 

The school’s student body is predominantly white and Hispanic/Latino, so this shows that there is a high probability for a child to be accepted regardless of his/her cultural background. The teachers and staff members are more likely to be aware of the cultural differences between children and how to approach them. For example, some students may speak Spanish at home while others do not. When dealing with these situations, teachers must be sensitive to each student’s background and create an environment where they can all learn together in peace.

Test Scores

We may not be able to control our children’s education, but we can look at how their schools are doing in terms of test scores. At Ford Avenue Elementary School, 42% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 42% scored at or above that level for reading.

How well a student answers grade-level questions determines their competency on these assessments. So a 6th grader who scored at the proficient level would be answering questions like a 6th grader should, understanding concepts, applying them in novel ways, and doing so to a profound degree.

Dual Language School

The Dual Language School, a public elementary schools in FORDS, NJ, offers an innovative way of learning. Its goal is to maximize the potential of every child by providing a secure and supportive atmosphere conducive to learning. It’s a public school in collaboration with parents and the community. Students who live on Amboy Ave, Gold St, Lincoln Ave, Madison Ave, Wiley Ave, Wolf Ave, Safran Ave, or Raymond St will love this school because it’s close to their homes.

Dual Language School School Rankings

The Dual Language School is an elementary schools with a unique twist in Fords, NJ: it offers bilingual education in its classrooms. Students learn their native language and the year’s language. This is an excellent place for youngsters who are afraid of speaking another language to learn two languages. That is why it is one of the top schools with the best teachers in the area. 

  • The Dual Language School is ranked 200 out of 741 of the Best Public Middle School Teachers in the New Jersey Area.
  • This school is ranked 437 out of 1,316 of the Best Public Middle School Teachers in the New York City Area.
  • The school is ranked 11 out of 46 of the Best Public Middle School Teachers in Middlesex County.

Demographic and Diversity

When considering where to send your children to school, it’s important to consider the school’s demographics and atmosphere. Diversity is a great benefit to any student, as it will broaden their horizons and teach them to be more accepting of people who are different from them. The demographic at this school is 55% females and 45% males, so girls will be well-represented. 97% of the students at this school are Hispanic/Latino, as well as 2.0% African American, 0.8% White, and 0.3% Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander. The student-teacher ratio is 17:1, which means that your children will receive close and personal attention from their teachers.

Test Scores

One of the ways that parents can be involved in their child’s education is by looking at test scores. There are different tests for different subjects, such as math and reading. One way to look at school performance is on a district level, but another way is to look at it for specific schools. 

In the Dual Language Schools, 45% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 72% scored at or above that level for reading. Compared with the district, the school did better in math and better in reading. The school district had similar numbers: 46% of students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and 34% tested at or above that level for math.

Lafayette Estates Elementary School

Lafayette Elementary School, a public schools in Fords, NJ, is also a great place for your child to receive an education. Not only do they have great teachers, but the staff and students are also diverse. Students will have the chance to interact with people from all over the world at Lafayette Elementary, and their teachers will help them learn about different cultures while they’re there. It’s near several peaceful suburban streets in New Jersey.

Lafayette Estates Elementary School School Rankings

When deciding on where to send your child, it is important to consider the school’s diversity. You want to make sure that your kid is comfortable with the people around them, and that they have plenty of knowledge about different cultures. This school is also rich with families from different cultures, which ensures that students are exposed to a wide variety of different experiences and worldviews. When children have friends from different backgrounds, they begin to learn about and understand people who are unlike them, which can help break down racial stereotypes that many children form as they age. It’s crucial that children attend schools that prepare them for a diverse and globalized world.

  • 961 out of 55,152 Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools in America.
  • This school ranks 30th of 1,574 Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools in New Jersey.
  • 43rd out of 2,786 New York City’s Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools.
  • It ranks 11th out of 126 Middlesex County’s most diverse public elementary schools.

Demographic and Diversity

When you’re looking for a school to send your children to, it’s important to consider their demographics and environment. Where your children will be attending school will have a big impact on how they perceive the world around them as well as how they treat others. The Lafayette Estates Elementary School is very diverse, with 53% of students being girls and 47% boys. Overall, 36% are Asian or Pacific Islander, 34% are Hispanic/Latino, 16% are White, 10% are African American, and 2% are two or more races. 

Your child will learn to accept people of different backgrounds with such a diverse student body. In addition to cultural diversity, the school has an 11:1 teacher-to-student ratio which means your child will get a lot of attention and guidance while they learn.

Test Scores

Trying to better understand how your child is learning at school? One of the best ways you can do that is by looking at the school’s test scores. There are all sorts of tests, from math and reading to science and social studies. Lafayette Estates Elementary School administered various math tests, and 46 percent of students scored at or above the proficient level.  For reading, 28 percent scored at or above that level. 

If you are looking for the best public schools in Fords, NJ, then Ford Avenue Elementary School, Dual Language School, and Lafayette Estates Elementary School should be at the top of your list.  If you are looking for a top-notch education for your children, then look no further than these three amazing public schools in Fords.  And if you’re looking to keep your driveway clean and sealed this winter, contact Kleen Seal today! We offer high-quality driveway sealing services that will protect your asphalt from the harsh New Jersey winters.

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