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There is a Difference in Driveway Protection… Look for the Seal


How Often Should You Seal Your Driveway?

sealcoating being applied for driveway pavement.

Property owners invest thousands of dollars to enhance the look of their homes. However, one area that many homeowners neglect is their driveway. The driveway plays an important role in giving the first impression of your residence, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

Sometimes sun, rain, and snow will deteriorate a driveway. The oxidation caused by harmful UV rays can be prevented if you plan for the driveway seal coating.

Driveway seal coating significantly slows down this deterioration process. You can protect your vehicles and prolong the life of your driveway. It’s an easy and low-cost method to safeguard and prolong the life of your driveway.

Nobody is more committed to excellence than Kleen Seal regarding driveway seal coating in Fords, NJ. We have built an outstanding reputation by providing superior driveway sealing workmanship, a long-lasting finished product, and exceptional customer service.

How Frequently Should You Reseal Your Driveway?

April to October are usually the ideal months of the year for resealing a driveway, but the best time to tackle your project will depend on your region’s climate. It’s high time to wrap your asphalt surface if you can see the color of the specific stones that make it up. 

Moreover, there are a few guidelines to follow before sealing. It takes at least six months for the oils in asphalt to drain away. During the driveway sealing process, the exterior climate should be 50 degrees or higher, with no cold nights. Your driveway sealing experts should apply the best driveway sealer every one to three years.

The goal is to make the driveway harder by using less oil. If you apply driveway crack sealer before your asphalt set, it will not achieve the required hardness, and your efforts will be wasted. You should apply driveway sealer at least 48 hours before rain falls.

How can you tell if it is necessary to hire seal coating professionals? Let us simplify things for you. Here are some expert recommendations based on the type of pavement:

1) When To Reseal Concrete Driveway?

Concrete driveways seem sturdy and last longer among seals than asphalt driveways. Even in cold weather, you can seal a concrete driveway immediately after installation and only reseal it every five years.

You should contact a driveway repair contractor if you notice minor cracks. A seal coating specialist can tell you if your driveway needs to be sealed immediately or if a larger issue needs to be fixed. Most driveway crack repair contractors recommend resealing concrete driveways every five years, but they can last longer in warmer regions.

2) When To Reseal Asphalt Driveway? 

An asphalt driveway is more vulnerable to weather, water, and traffic damage than a concrete driveway. The frequency with which you should seal your asphalt driveway depends on the weather in your area.

On average, it should be done every five years. Asphalt, like concrete, is prone to damage over time. Repairing small cracks now will save you a lot of trouble later. As asphalt requires “curing,” you must not reseal a freshly paved driveway for at least 90 days after installation. 

After every first seal, seal coating experts should continuously reseal asphalt for three to five years. If you reside in a climate with cold winters and blistering summers, try to apply the best driveway sealer every two to three years.

Driveway Sealing Services In New Jersey

If you’re looking for a driveway sealing team near me in Union County, NJ, our team at Kleen Seal has got you covered. We’ve been sealing paver driveways, asphalt driveways, and concrete driveways in Fords and the surrounding areas for years, so you can trust that we’ll get the job done right.

Furthermore, our enormous experience and expertise enable us to provide our clients with the best possible driveway sealing service near me. Contact us today to avail a free quote.

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When it comes to driveway sealing in Fords, NJ, no one is as dedicated to excellence as Kleen Seal®. We have built an outstanding reputation, job by job, with superior driveway sealing workmanship, a durable finished product, and extraordinary customer service.

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