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Christmas Lights

CHristmas LIght Installation made easier

Is it seriously that time of the year…again!? Christmas time is a special time of the year. It represents many things but for some Christmas time could mean “Do I seriously have to decorate the house in Christmas lights again? Why do I have to untangle lights that probably don’t even work and then go through the hassle of trying to put them up?”

If that’s you, then Kleen Seal Christmas Lights has the solution for you! 

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No Hassle and No Stress

The stress and hassle of putting up Christmas lights every season can be extremely frustrating. Just the act of untangling lights, hanging them up and then finding out that certain lights don’t even work can literally drive someone insane. Sometimes the payoff of having a decorated house isn’t even worth all that work. At Kleen Seal Christmas Lights, we take that stress away by doing all that work for you. We have our team come and put up Christmas lights on your house. They do all the light hanging, untangling and more. Don’t worry, we also come to take the lights down at the end of the season. We use our own commercial grade LED faceted C9 Christmas lights for your house and super bright LED Mini Light strands for your bushes . No stress, no hassle and no digging out old Christmas lights.

How It Works

Our pricing for our services is based on five key aspects to make customer’s homes classy and full of Christmas spirit. *Please note that our minimum price for any Christmas light job is $600.*

Christmas Lights on house


Customers get to work one on one with our light designer to get the perfect light display for their homes. Customers will also get to choose from our packages as well. We have packages starting from $600 to our Clark Griswold Package. With the Clark Griswold Package, we will cover the entire house in Christmas lights to make it look just like the Griswold’s house from Christmas Vacation.

We also offer different light themes throughout the year such as Patriot Lights/ 4th of July of Lights, Diwali Lights, Hanukkah Lights, lights for sweet 16’s, weddings and more!6

Light Rental

The main perk of our service is that we rent customers our professional Christmas lights. We use a special commercial grade Faceted LED C9 light bulb that gives off a bold and crisp color unlike average Christmas lights. We also have a variety of different colors that customers can choose from as well, such as red, green, blue, warm white or multicolored.

Part of our service is renting customers our professional lights. This works by charging by “feet of lights” on homes and by the strand for bushes and trees.


What many don’t take into account is the hardware behind a single Christmas light. Part of our pricing is based on just the hardware that’s involved with the lights. Our hardware includes:

In order for the lights to properly work we have our special cords cut to fit the spot they are used, connecting each set of lights. Some cords used may even be an extension cord so the lights are able to be plugged in. We specially cut these cords to look neat with the shape of customer’s homes.

Our LED C9 bulbs are attached onto coordinating wires which are crucial to the light display. We specially cut these wires to fit each bulb needed for a specific house.

Each wire needs to have a plug to plug into an outlet, cord or power source. We specially attach plugs to specific wires and cords based on the house.

Hooks and Clips
For each strand of light to be hung perfectly straight our team uses hooks and clips. No matter the shape or size of the house, these little tools will make each home look classy and sophisticated.

The timer is the most important part of each light display because this feature will control the timing of when the lights are on or off.

Kleen Seal christmas lights

Put Up

Another perk of our service includes customers choosing the date on which we come. We begin Christmas light installments around November 1st. Customers may request when they would like their lights to be put up. Because we rent out our lights to customers, we have limited materials. Each year more and more people use our services and our lights are in limited supply. We suggest reserving our service early in the season so you are guaranteed a spot in our calendar and have guaranteed lights.

We also have our Christmas light team who are specially trained to put up our commercial grade LED C9 Christmas lights. They specialize in keeping each light stand perfectly straight when hung. Our crew has decked out houses with every shape and size. It is their goal to make customer’s homes look beautiful for the Christmas season. 

Take Down

Our Christmas light take down process begins in January. We have our schedule built out by the week which means customers can choose their dissemble time for week 1, 2, 3 or 4. Our team will come and take down any lights and hardware and then put it in storage for the next holiday season.

At Kleen Seal Christmas Lights, we’re passionate about decorating homes for the holidays. With our service customers won’t have to worry about putting up or taking down Christmas lights ever again. No stress, no hassle, just holiday spirit. 

Make Your Home

Light Up This Christmas!

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