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Commercial Snow Removal

No More Stress Over Snow, Please!

Does snow give you stress? Everytime it snows, do you panic over the question “who will clean this up”? Guess what, you don’t have to anymore! Kleen Seal Snow Removal will do the job for you. We’ll come to plow, shovel and salt any walkways, pathways and driveways. The next time it snows, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help dig you out! 

How it Works

Kleen Seal Snow Removal is an Automatic commercial snow removal service. Our service focuses on commercial businesses who are in dire need of snow removal. We offer different types of snow removal services based on the situation. We’ll remove snow from all different commercial places such as customer’s small parking lots to multi-building office complexes. We offer snow plowing, shoveling, salting and more. We work in the Central New Jersey area, to find out our specific service areas learn more below. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week service to our clients. Customers can contact us during the day or the night before as well as after the snow storm. 

Our Services

commercial snow removal in New Jersey

At Kleen Seal Snow Removal, we offer a wide variety of different snow removal services. Our services ensure that customer’s commercial properties are safe and cleared for their day to day business operations. We also offer residential shoveling services as well at

If customers need a service that’s not listed below, they should get in touch with us and tell us exactly what they need. If the customer’s needs are related to ice and snow, we’re sure we can help!

Snow Plowing

Our main service here at Kleen Seal Service Removal is snow plowing. Usually the government will take care of plowing on the streets but business owners are responsible for snow removal on their own property. With our snow plowing services, we can remove snow from the roads and driveways leading to customer’s property, as well as from the parking lot, sidewalk or even other walking paths. Our plowing ensures that the customer’s property is safe, clear of snow and ice, as well as other debris.

Shoveling and Snow Blowing

This service includes our team shoveling and snow blowing buildup from large walking paths and sidewalks, as well as some harder-to-reach areas of parking lots. We have our team of snow shovelers who will come and do all the stressful, back breaking work for the customer. 

Salting and Calcium Ice Control

Another service Kleen Seal Snow Removal offers is salting/calcium ice control. We use the highest quality salt and calcium to control ice buildup. This service ensures that the customer’s property is as safe as possible. Our ice control will minimize the risk of slips and falls. This will also keep cars and other vehicles safe by eliminating “black ice”.

Snow Removal and Loader Services

In some cases, (such as during or after a particularly heavy snowfall) there may be too much snow on a customer’s property that may need more than a snow plow. In that case we use our special front end loaders to move snow piles off of the property – such as away from parking spaces. We have specially trained technicians who operate the loader and they will make customer’s snow piles disappear.

Areas We Service

Kleen Seal Snow Removal runs and operates in Central New Jersey. 

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Our Pricing

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Our commercial snow removal service’s pricing is based on two important factors. The first factor is the inches of snow. This factor is very important because different amounts of snow will tell us how much work needs to be done, which leads to our second factor. We also charge based on “per push”. Customers may ask “what exactly is a push?” In our snow terms, per push stands for how many times we’ve come to a customer’s establishment to remove the snow during the storm. 

Just Give Us a Call!

At Kleen Seal Snow Removal or priority is to make customer’s commercial establishments as safe as possible for their customers. If you have any questions give us a call!

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