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Residential Snow Removal

Stop Breaking Your Back Over Snow

expert residential snow removal in Ford NJ

Do you hate shoveling snow? The one thing literally anyone can agree about is not liking to shovel their walkways and driveways. Every winter snowstorm, so many people stress over having to dig themselves out of their homes. Has that happened to you? It literally takes like forever to shovel the sidewalks, pathways and driveway. AND THEN when the work is finally done you have to go to the chiropractor because you broke your back. The good news is that you don’t have to break your back any longer because Kleen Seal Residential Snow Removal will help you get the job done! 

At Kleen Seal, one of the services we offer is residential snow removal.

Our process works very much like Uber. Customers can book our service and we have one of our team of shovelers come and do the job. Kleen Seal Residential Snow Removal is an on demand service, which means customers have to tell us when to come for each snow event. They’ll have to contact us in the process of when it’s going to snow, is snowing, or has snowed. Our service is built on the principle of first come, first served which means the earlier customers call, the better. We only focus on shoveling driveways because we can’t offer more areas due to confusion of employees and payments. Our estimating and payment system, in order to remain automated, needs to have the same service for all clients. Here is our simple “How-To” guide on booking our service. 

How it Works

Request an Estimate

Customers must request an estimate for any of our residential snow removal services. Customers can call our phone (732-321-3699) or fill out this form.Customers will receive a BASE PRICE for their snow removal estimate. A Customer’s BASE PRICE will be emailed to them within 24 hours or so of their request. If it is already snowing, about to snow, or just finished snowing, the BASE PRICE will be delivered within an hour or so. Our base pricing is based on 2 important factors: the snowfall amount up to 5.99 inches and the square footage of the customer’s location.

Give us “The Call”

Part of the luxury of this service is that customers have the opportunity to tell us when to come to their homes to shovel. We are an on demand service and we come when the customer calls. In this case, we will come once. Customer’s book our on demand service for only one visit. 

Preparing For Our Arrival

All customers after booking our service must prepare for our arrival. They do this by:

Clearing off cars (this is if customers want the snow that comes off of them to be cleared).
Moving cars from areas to be cleared for the best job.

Please note: We don’t have the ability to notify customers when we are on our way to their home AND when we arrive we will NOT knock on the door. We will just start clearing the driveway. 

When We Arrive

If cars are present, we will go around them.
We cannot wait for customer’s to clear off or move cars once we arrive.
Nobody needs to be home. Service is paid for and we know what to do.
Please don’t delay us. We are in a hurry and have many stops and people waiting for us.
Please don’t ask us to do more than what our service offers:
Clearing your driveway to the street
Clearing any Sidewalks along the roadways
Clearing the walkway, steps and porch leading to the front door 

Our Pricing

snow removal in driveways

Customers who request an estimate that includes their BASE PRICE. Our base pricing for our service is based on two major things: the snowfall amount up to 4.99 inches and the square footage of the customer’s location. Then a few days after the snow storm, we will give customers their FINAL PRICE which is calculated by the official snow totals that come out on This is our billing system because snowfall amounts vary from town to town, and nobody knows what the official snowfall totals are until a few days afterwards. When calculating a final price we will use the nearest town to the customer’s location. If a customer’s town is not listed and is between 2 listed towns, this will be the snowfall amount. (All the prices are plus NJ sales tax)

Customer’s FINAL PRICE will be calculated like this. THIS EXAMPLE IS BASED ON A 1500 SF Driveway

  • Up to 4.99 inches of snow is BASE PRICE
  • From 5 to 8.99 inches of snow is BASE PRICE X 2
  • From 9 to 11.99 inches of snow is BASE PRICE X 3
  • From 12 to 14.99 inches of snow is BASE PRICE X 4
  • From 15 to 17.99 inches of snow is BASE PRICE X 5
  • From 18 to 20.99 inches of snow is BASE PRICE X 6

The invoice balance from the FINAL PRICE minus what was paid (BASE PRICE) to book service, will be emailed to customers with a payment link that is due immediately.
Please Note No other services can be booked until this balance is paid. Availability of future service to customer’s homes will be dependent on their quick payment of any balance due.

At Kleen Seal, we want to help customers during the winter seasons. Request an estimate, so we can dig you out of the snow today!

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